Yuva Life Environ

Yuva compliments its offering of the highest quality medical grade treatments with the most advanced pharmaceutical grade skin care products available in the industry today.

After careful scrutiny, we have chosen Environ, a skin care line that is available exclusively through physicians. Environ's products are highly specialized and have been formulated for specific skin conditions and types, allowing us to combine products to customize a skin care regime especially for your skin.

The effectiveness of Environ skin care products are supported by extensive clinical studies and on-going research, ensuring that you receive the purest, most effective scientific and technologically advanced skin products that achieve noticeably superior results to over-the-counter or day spa products.

Developed by eminent South African plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes, Environ is a complete skincare range for every type, whether normal or problem skin, young or old.

The range targets common concerns including pigmentation, acne, lines, and scarring. Its scientifically proven, active ingredients are fundamental to maintaining healthy, beautiful skin for a lifetime, providing invaluable defences to counteract environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution.

In line with Yuva's ideals to deliver results based and scientifically proven therapies, Environ provides the perfect fit for both us and our clients.

All Environ products are exclusively available through worldwide distributors and stockists who sell you genuine products, give you advice on their use, and recommend if they are suitable for your skin type. Environ products contain active ingredients and for this reason should only be purchased through an Environ-certificated skin care professional. Environ has no authorised online shops selling Environ products; accordingly, any products for sale online are offered by unauthorised persons.

For more information, visit Skin Health Canada or Dermogenesis.

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