Yuva Life Calgary Health Counseling

6 Month Holistic Health Counseling Program

6 Month Holistic Health Counseling Program In our 6 month program, our Holistic Health Counselor will guide you on a journey to improved health. Using a personalized system, our Health Counselor will help you discover the foods best suited to you to help you break free of your cravings, cut through unhealthy habits and improve your metabolism. Our program will help you cut through the mass of information surrounding food to help you reconnect to the food that you eat.

Through innovative coaching and education, you will learn what kind of food and lifestyle suits your individual needs and how to make these choices simple and straightforward. Our health counselor will also guide you through stress management and relaxation to help your keep your body and mind clean and healthy. This integrative approach will help you rediscover all-encompassing wellness, setting you back on a path of health unique to you. Our health counselor will guide you through food sensitivities, balancing your nutrients and supportive supplementation to help your body take back the healing process and bring it to optimum function.

*Initial Assessments are always complimentary. 6 Month Program.

6-12 hours of personal health counseling

Unlimited email access to your health counselor

Total Cost: $1200

*Payments can be made over the first three months.

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