Accent Skin Tightening

What can it treat?

Accent RF is an excellent option for treating loose sagging skin anywhere on the body. It is most often used to tighten the loose skin around the neck and jowls, as well as the arms, but it is also a great option for tightening loose skin on the abdomen, thighs, and hips.

How does it work?

Accent RF heats the deep tissues of the dermis as well as the fatty tissues beneath the surface of the skin (also known as the "subcutaneous" layer). This causes the stimulation of collagen production and restructuring in these deep layers of the the skin, causing significant tightening and firming. The result is a return to the smooth and elastic skin of youth. The treatment is quite comfortable, with a gradual buildup of heat under the surface of heat. As with many of Yuva's procedures, there is no downtime after an Accent RF treatment, and you can go back to your regular activities immediately after treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

While some results will be visible even after your first Accent RF treatment, two to three treatments are usually needed to achieve optimal results on the face. These treatments are spaced out at four week intervals. For body areas, four to five treatments are usually necessary, these being spaced out at two week intervals. Even after the final treatment, most of our clients will notice continued improvement in their skin over the course of the next three to six months.

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