BRAND NEW from Environ, Intensive Revival Masque!

“The story behind why we developed Revival Masque is that this was my first step in the mission I have to make a skin care product that would be like a “Face Lift in a bottle”. I know that this is a preposterous idea, but as a dreamer I decided to pursue it.”

–Dr. Des Fernandes

The Environ Intensive Revival Masque perfects the art of creating visibly luminous, radiant, smoother, younger and revitalized skin. The combination of revolutionary ingredients Asiatic, Mandelic and Lactic Acid make this appearance possible.
Asiatic Acid, derived from Centella has been used for centuries in acient traditional healing and research has proven that it stimulates growth factors in the skin which is important for skin regeneration. Only recently have good reliable concentrations become available, compared to extracts previously available on the market.

Lactic Acid is a powerful promoter of the natural hydrating factors in the skin and it is known to lighten uneven skin tone.
Mandelic Acid has been included for its anti-ageing properties and may assist in improving the appearance of uneven skin ton.

The Revival Masque may be used by first time Environ users. Use Revival Masque for a minimum of four to six months to obtain the appearance of refreshed and youthful skin. Revival Masque is a recommended as an autumn and winter treatment, but may be used all year round provided a broad spectrum sunscreen is applied daily.

Consult an Environ Skincare Professional for advice on suitable products to use in conjunction with the Revival Masque!

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