3 reasons to get a skin analysis


Hyperpigmentation is an excessive amount of melanin being produced in one area of the skin.
Melanin is the natural chemical that gives our skin, hair and eyes color.
Most hyperpigmentation is caused by an accumulation of sun exposure and therefor damage. These spots usually start to appear at the age of early to mid-thirties, depending of course on the skin type and the sun exposure levels one has experienced.
While some people may think these spots have suddenly appeared overnight, this damage has actually been with them for years and years prior to seeing it.
Sun damage is cumulative, meaning that the damage has been collected over years of sun exposure. This damage tends to “hide” in the lower layers of the skin where it cannot be seen for quite some time until it suddenly surfaces due to hormonal changes.
The only way to see this damage before it surfaces is with a special camera to look into the lower layers of skin.
People are often surprised at the level of damage that can be seen with this technology, and this enables your therapist to see what needs to be done to limit the amount of pigmentation that will surface and become visible.

 Dehydration/Thin Skin.
Different colors that show up under the camera system mean different things. A common problem seen is a light violet to deep purple around the eyes and/or mouth; this would point to dehydrated, thinned skin. Dehydrated skin is skin that is lacking water content, usually this means an insufficient amount of water is being taken in each day. This can bring on and exaggerate pre-mature aging and will hinder the skins ability to function normally since each cell in our body is dependent on proper water levels to be able to do so.
Using this technology gives us the ability to see what’s really going on and how our daily habits can affect us.

#3- Vascular Damage.
Fine capillary damage or “spider veins" (telangiectasia) can be the start of a more obvious cosmetic problem to come. Often when this type of damage is present it will spread and be easily worsened.
This condition can be caused by genetics, sun exposure, injury to the skin and even incorrect product use, causing the skin to become hyper sensitive.
However even the finest veins are easily visible under the camera system and can be treated with a laser to prevent it from spreading into a bigger, more difficult to treat problem.

The Janus II camera system is the system we trust at Yuva to give us an inside, detailed look at each and every clients skin. This enables us to even better understand what each clients specific needs are, and also to better educate our clients with a visual tool that everyone can understand.

Call or visit us today for a free skin consultation with one of our highly knowledgable skin health therapists that includes photos taken with the Janus II!

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