Winter Bumps Solution!

What is it?

The proper term for this is Keratosis Pilaris. It’s an over production of keratin which is the natural protein substance in the skin. This build-up of keratin occurs on top of the follicles, creating a hard plug and often trapping hair underneath of it.
This problem will often appear on the back of the arms, the elbows, on the back of the thighs, the buttocks, knees and even sometimes on the face. It will feel rough to the touch almost like sandpaper.

Although this problem can occur year round, it is more pronounced in the winter time when moisture levels in the air are lower which causes the color and texture to be more pronounced.
The bumps can appear as flesh colored, pink or even an angry red color and is often mistaken for acne or breakouts if severe enough. While harmless, this condition can be treated for cosmetic reasons.

What can I do?
For a mild to moderate case of Keratosis Pilaris where the bumps are flesh colored, a proper exfoliant should be used in the shower daily to help bring down the build-up of cells.
A sugar based body scrub will actually dissolve and create a film on top of the skin, worsening the problem.
A salt based body scrub will also dissolve on the skin but will not coat, or create any film. Along with some natural fruit acids (citric acid) from lemons or limes, or lactic acid from milk, this would be ideal.

In conjunction with physically removing the excess cells with the salt, the natural acids will help to dissolve more cells as well.
For severe cases where extreme redness is present, a salt based scrub should also be used daily along with weekly/biweekly laser genesis treatments.

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive, no down time treatment used for redness, scarring, acne and overall skin rejuvenation.
With just a few regular treatments, redness should start to come down significantly. The treatment consists of running the laser over one area until the desired flushing of the tissues has been achieved, this will generate a gradual warming sensation which most people find quite relaxing.

Stronger treatment options like in-clinic peels are also wonderful for severe and stubborn keratosis pilaris. This could consist of anywhere between 10% to 40% lactic acid peels. The concentration of product used would depend on your therapists recommendations for your specific concerns.

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