Exfoliation...Mechanical vs. Chemical

Why is it important to exfoliate?

Exfoliation is extremely beneficial to the skin whether you’re trying to correct a problem or simply maintain your skin and prevent premature aging.
Exfoliation removes dead, dull skin cells from the surface and reveals the “new” glowing skin
underneath it.

What are the different types of exfoliation?

#1 Mechanical….

The process consists of physically scraping off dead skin cells, usually with hard granules in a scrub, with a facial scrubbing brush or an exfoliating cloth.

People often like these types of products because it feels “refreshing” and like you've literally scrubbed your face clean. However, the problem here is that this is very abrasive and will not only take off the dead skin cells on the surface but will also go past this, causing a lot of damage to the “new” and not yet surfaced skin cells beneath.
When specifically talking about different skin conditions  like acne and breakout prone skin, the physical action of this “scraping” is actually collecting bacteria from active breakout and spreading it around to the open pores on the face…causing more breakouts.
Acne and breakout prone skin also tends to be inflamed, so the scraping action of these products is incredibly irritating and will make it worse.
Another skin condition like general aging will also be negatively affected by this type of exfoliation, especially when preformed too often,  it can lead to thinning of the skin which will only enhance and bring on more premature aging.

At the absolute most, if at all mechanical exfoliation should be done lightly once a month on your average person.

#2 Chemical…
The other type is called “chemical” exfoliation, and while this may sound intimidating to some, it's actually far more beneficial and safe than mechanical exfoliation.
Using acids from the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family like lactic acid (from milk), citric acid (from citrus fruits), malic acid (from apples) and glycolic acid(from sugar cane) or acids from the Beta Hydroxy Acid family like salicylic acid (from sweet birch) encourage a faster cell turnover rate, or how fast your skin renews itself.
These types of acids can be found in products intended for  every day use, but are also used for in-clinic treatments in a higher concentrated form; these are known as “peels”.

When specifically talking about different skin conditions like acne or break out prone skin, these acids are very beneficial because they strip away the keratin (protein) bonds that tend to hold and stick dead skin cells together in problematic skin types, allowing the skin to shed off as it should instead of building up on the skin.
The acid also dissolves excess oil which in combination with the dead skin cells creates a thick gunky mixture which easily clogs pores and is main cause of pimples in problematic skin.
Another benefit is the acids leave the “new” not yet surfaced skin beneath completely unharmed yet stimulated to surface faster and to keep this on-going process at a higher rate to ensure your skin is consistently renewed and looking refreshed.
When talking about general aging, chemical exfoliation is ideal for stimulating the skin and giving it a gorgeous fresh glow.

It is safe to use a light chemical exfoliate daily, this is even recommended for most skin types.

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