3 Tips to Quit Smoking


Smoking is one of the most addictive and harmful pleasures that you can cultivate. People are aware of the effects of smoking but keep on doing it nonetheless. To quit smoking, the first step is always acceptance; accept that you have a problem. This doesn't mean that because you know it's harmful you will automatically give up the habit. However, the following tips can help:

Have A Plan

You need to decide on how and when you are going to quit smoking. Will you smoke less everyday, or are you going it give them up instantly? This is a very vital question, as then you know what you are up against.

Know your Options

Your goal is to quit smoking. The decision that you decided to quit is a brave one, and you're very determined to do so. However, determination without viable options is quite pointless. There are ways to help your body acquire nicotine safely, without the need to light a cigarette. There are nicotine skin patches, gums, inhalers and nasal sprays. There options sustain your nicotine supply without the effects that come with smoking.

Ask for Support

It's wise to ask family members, friends and colleagues for support during this period. The smokers will stay away from you, thus you avoid temptation. Also, activities to distract you are a bonus as you are busy and occupied; hence the chances of smoking are less.

Remember, a relapse doesn't make you incapable of quitting smoking. When you backslide, pick yourself up and carry on the process to quit smoking.

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