Lighten your skin naturally

Clearly everyone is obsessed with fair skin. However, not everyone is lucky to be blessed with natural fair skin. Instead of going in for a cosmetic skin lightening session, here are some natural agents to help you look fairer.

You will be surprised to know that everyday food items can be used to increase your fairness. Orange peels, tomatoes, lemon and rice powder are excellent bleaching and skin lightening agents. Raw potatoes are also another great option. You can always use strawberries, kiwis, billberries and almond also for this purpose.

There are also cherries, papaya and pineapple which are used in most skin lightening products. Even when used individually without the chemicals in the products, these fruits make a difference and increase fairness.

Most people make a paste out of these ingredients and use it as a face mask. Adding honey or aloe vera helps moisturize the skin while lightening it. These natural pastes can be stored in the refrigerator for only about 3 days. It’s always good to get these fresh while making the paste.

The above ingredients are always found in your kitchen. Consistent use of any of these natural agents would make you realize your dream of having a fair and glowing skin. So now you can save some money and give these a try.


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